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Best places to explore near Premantura

It is a small village which is very rich in Roman history and culture. It is also considered as one of the best tourist locations because of its beautiful environment and scenic views. The local people of this village are very friendly, and they make sure to make the visitor's comfortable.

The southernmost village in Istria offers something for both adventurous souls and relaxed travellers. Scenic hilltop village stands like a guardian over the majestic Cape Kamenjak, protecting its captivating scenery and sunsets to die for.

Premantura is definitely not another pretentious place on the coast, it gives you that cool homey vibe making you feel like you could just blend in and feel like you are home. The whole village is oriented towards 4 campsites (Arena Stupice campsite, Tašalera campsite, Runke campsite and Kranjski campsite) and Cape Kamenjak.

The best way to have complete freedom during your holidays is to rent a boat in Premantura or book a private boat tour from Premantura to Cape Kamenjak and many other magic islands scattered around Medulin archipelago.

Boat charter in Premantura gives you the opportunity to feel like modern version of RobinsonCrusoe exploring hidden coves, bays and beaches of Cape Kamenjak and islands Levan, Fenoliga, Bodulaš and Ceja.


When renting a boat in Premantura you can snorkel in the emerald waters of Kolombarica cave, cruise around Porer lighthouse and look for dinosaur footprints on Fenoliga island. Don't forget to visit one of many famous beach bars and restaurants like Safari bar or Portić bar on Cape Kamenjak or watch sunset from a deck with the cocktail in hand on island Levan during your boat trip adventure in Premantura.

Why should you choose Zoom Boats for your dream holidays?

We know that you are here to relax and spend carefree holidays so good service is our priority. Safe boats and trustworthy staff are the base of our company. To make sure that you get the best boat experience we invest each year in new motor boats so that our fleet is never more than 4 years old. The experience and professionalism of our team matters the most if you are looking to have a skipper that will take good care of you or you just need an advice what to visit or how to drive a boat in specific conditions.


Weather in wonderful Premantura

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