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Best things to do in Brijuni

History is the reason why the islands are so intact with magnificent flora and fauna.

National Park Brijuni is one of a kind magical archipelago made up of 14 islands. Why so unique and what makes it different than any other islands in the Mediterranean Sea?

History is the reason why the islands are so intact with magnificent flora and fauna. Tourism started in Austro Hungarian empire when Austrian businessman Paul Kupelwieser bought the islands and built its first hotels for Austrian upper class and Imperial family. After The World War II Yugoslavia declared the islands as State Summer Residence and up to Croatia’s independence in the early 1990’s the island remained unreachable for common visitors guarded by the army for almost 50 years. Nowadays Brijuni islands is a piece of heaven where you have the feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere where everything exists just for you.


It is not allowed to anchor the boat in any of the secluded bays or coves as the park rangers are controlling the area but there are two ports; Veli Brijun port and St. Nicholas’ Bay where you can pay for mooring, berth or sojourn and the tickets for the National Park are included in the price paid. By renting a motor boat for Brijuni islands and spending the night in the park you will have an exceptional opportunity to wake up with the sounds of deers and mouflons grazing the bushes just few meters from your boat and enjoy the serene silence before the tourist boats arrive on the islands.

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