Travel tips for motor boats

Travel tips for motor boats

For new boaters who might be nervous during their first sea adventure, we can assure you that you are in good hands with Zoom Boats. We will make sure your first-time experience will be safe, fun and extra rewarding.

The most important things you should take care of while boating:

1. Safety

Even though you might not realize it, a boat is a low risk vessel that can be turned into a disaster if someone gets hurt. Pay attention to instructions from our sailors and if you have small children on board, make sure they are equipped with life jackets.

2. Decide where you want to go

Prior to any trip you must decide what you want to do and of course where you want to go. If you are traveling with family and/or friends, then the whole group should also participate in decision making. Depending on your preferences we can advise you which attractions you should visit during your boating experience.

We have also already prepared trips and excursions that you can take during your stay.

If you like, you can rent out various water toys like skis, wakeboards or tubes. But be prepared for extreme laughter that is about to come.

3. Check the weather

You should be aware that Mother Nature will always have the biggest impact on your schedule. If the forecast is showing the possibility of thunderstorms or strong winds, it would be best to postpone the excursion until the weather allows it.

4. Provision

Even though your trip will last just a couple of hours, make sure to take with you refreshing cold drinks (water is the best option) and some food in case you get hungry.

5. Life jackets for everyone

You will be provided with life jackets during your boat ride and make sure you get them on the children, especially if they are not good swimmers. They are not a fashion statement, they might be your life saviors if something goes wrong.

7. Extra clothes

It is always good to take extra swimsuits and dry clothes especially if you are planning to combine swimming or diving with sightseeing. On board you should cover your head with hats so you do not get sunstroke. We advise you to use some light tunic or a shirt during the ride, because even though you might not feel warm or hot, you can get serious sunburns.

And of course carry with you protective cream with high SPF so you can protect your body.

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